Why small matters

I created Small Matters because I constantly meet small entrepreneurs who struggle to make a decent living out of tourism. Every time this happens, I think of my parents, who owned a small shop in rural France and saw their business virtually disappear because they did not understand how to attract new clients and to meet their needs. Through small-matters.net I want to help small businesses grow and understand how western tourists think and tour operators work.

It is about becoming more professional, more organised, more innovative and proactive to make the most out of what small entrepreneurs already offer, and to do so as cheaply as possible. With Small Matters, businesses benefit from my long experience of teaching tourism in a practical context, which guarantees that learning actually takes place. I do not ‘train’ and ‘disappear’. Instead, I concentrate on ‘guiding’ small entrepreneurs to take action and to understand why and how they should change to access western markets. It’s all about capacity building to create more opportunities for personal and business growth.

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