John De Vial
John De Vial Head of Financial Protection - ABTA
Carole’s work on supporting the providers of responsible excursions is outstanding – it is practical and clear – focused on delivering the needs of customers, travel organisers and doing so in a way that is realistic for excursion operators. By delivering good quality, safe and healthy excursions that meet customer and travel organiser needs even micro business excursion operators can break through the barriers to market access. This is a really useful toolkit.
Tumisang Ntlaloe
Tumisang Ntlaloe Project Coordinator - Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation (Lesotho)
During her three weeks stay in Lesotho, Ms. Favre did her work with utmost dedication, displaying the highest level of skill in executing her training. Ms. Favre also took time to plan and organise her work and always succeeded in relating the theoretical content of the training to the actual tourism situation in our four project areas and our country as a whole. As a result she managed to get the participants to acquire a new vision towards the development of tourism in Lesotho and in how they could operate their tourism businesses post training. Her patience and respectful approach towards the participants created a learning environment that encouraged participation from all business attendees. Ms. Favre did an excellent job, achieved all the intended objectives despite challenges that presented themselves during training. I would definitely recommend Ms. Carole Favre for any similar work as she has sound experience working with numerous developing countries.

Leolina Andrade
Leolina Andrade Finance & Project Manager - Department of Tourism and Culture, Salvador de Bahia (Brazil)
During Carole´s visit to out city, I truly managed to find her a creative project oriented person. Her ability to relate to other people, get them motivated and engaged is really outstanding. She can easily interact with people in and outside her native surroundings in order to get them to talk about themselves, leading her to collect important data and construct solutions for one’s problems. She also has a very strong multicultural sense, being able to put together strong plans and execute difficult projects always delivering more than expected
Julie Middleton
Julie Middleton Industry Programme Manager - The Travel Foundation
Carole researched and wrote the ‘Are you ready for business’ manual for micro excursion providers. With her background in teaching and her passion for sustainable tourism she has managed to produce a guide that is practical, engaging and easy to follow; it has the potential to make a real difference to the lives of small tourism enterprises and community groups in destinations.
Gavin Bate
Gavin Bate Sustainable Tourism Committee - Association of Independent Tour Operators (UK)
Carole was commissioned by the Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO) to assist the Sustainable Tourism Committee with its strategic review. Her remit was dot help restructure the role of the Committee and to hep redefine sustainable tourism for the membership of over 120 operators. Her approach has been collaborative and enthusiastic, and her advice practical and understandable. She has also tailored her solutions well to the membership and been realistic with expectations. It has been timely and refreshing to listen to her take on progressive methodologies in tourism, and her work will undoubtedly influence all those tour operators in AITO who aspire to the quality and expertise that is the hallmark of the organisation!
Jean Solaire Kuete
Jean Solaire Kuete President - Aptour Cameroon
The story of our organisation cannot be told without evoking the strong memory of Carole Favre, who has now become our Permanent Advisor on a voluntary basis. When Carole came to Cameroon in 2010, to deliver a three-day workshop on responsible tourism to an audience of 50 journalists in Yaoundé, we certainly did not expect to witness such level of competence. Carole mixes expertise, performance and a great talent for communication to share her knowledge effectively.

Jo Hendrickx
Jo Hendrickx former Sustainable Destinations Manager - Thomas Cook UK & Ireland
After having met Carole through a sustainability networking event, it has been a pleasure to contribute to her research and ultimately to the content of this manual. Carole has been able to identify some of the most important themes that small businesses need to be aware of when it comes to breaking into the tourism industry. She has managed to position these themes well throughout the manual and give context to the very different approaches of a variety of tour operators. I believe that the manual, together with the opportunity for bespoke training will be extremely valuable for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
Thomas Carnevale
Thomas Carnevale Managing Director - Asian Trails (Myanmar)
I had the pleasure to work with Carole Favre on her manual ‘how to sell your excursion to UK tour operators’ which she conceptualized, wrote and designed on behalf of the travel foundation and as part of her master thesis. Carole showed immense dedication towards this project which she wants to make a success by all means. She has been asking the right questions while preparing for her user guide and was a formidable listener to the people on the ground. She has been able to very well connect theory and practice and to invent very practical solutions to the problems local suppliers face when trying to sell their products to UK tour operators. The manual will be very helpful for many to better understand the UK tour operating market as well as how to design and marketing their locally produced products. I’m sure this manual will be very valuable to many local service providers around the globe and great support in establishing mutual and fruitful business relations with UK tour operators.
Dave Tucker
Dave Tucker CoFounder - The Beyond Tourism Co. (UK)
Carole has a wealth of academic and practical knowledge about responsible tourism, as well as an ability to present it in a concise and very accessible way. Her handbook is a great example of this and I think it addresses an important missing link in the RT supply chain: helping small-scale tourism entrepreneurs to engage effectively with the UK tour operator market.
Khabiso Tebello Nkune
Khabiso Tebello Nkune Manager & Founder - Mokhotlong Expeditions (Lesotho)

Tumelo Hoohlo
Tumelo Hoohlo Managing Director - Globex Tourism (Lesotho)
Once more I wish to thank you for the training you gave us here in Lesotho last month.

Our thanks go beyond just a statement of recognition but giving a true reflection of our feelings in the manner of your approach, the structured way in which you delivered the course and not to mention above all the comprehensive content which has been mostly an eye-opener and provided practical tools to all of us. We have already started applying these tools in our independent businesses and the results are very positive.

What really stood out for me from the course is how important it is to manage the expectations of the different categories of clients, whether it is the other tour operators, the ground handlers, the excursion providers and the dependent tourists for their unique experience. The concept of Responsible Tourism (RT) was also well covered and also stands out to be the pinnacle of running our tourism businesses equally effective and profitable at the same, aware of the ‘triple bottom line’.

The topics of Excellent Customer Service, Health and Safety and how to design Winning Excursions and Websites for effective marketing and distribution of our tourism products, properly packaged were also covered. I however felt more time was needed to cover this course content in a satisfactory way with the relevant excursion practicals for proper emphasis.

I wish to thank you more ‘M’e Carole for your authentic personality, professionalism and even the continued support you’ve shown to all of us.

Vince Debono
Vince Debono Private Tour Guide

Vince is a tour guide, who with a one of his friends, offers photography tours on the island. Hear what he has to say about this 7 hour workshop.


Blue Whitney
Blue Whitney Malta Segway tour
Hear Blue from Malta Segway tour speak about the workshop and what she gained from this intensive training day.


Diana St Helen
Diana St Helen Dennery Mabouya Valley Development Foundation
In her presentation, project supervisor Diana St Helen (pictured) said she had been familiar with the topics in the manual, but she now realised the importance – in particular, the high standards of using the manual, she organised a community sensibilisation programme to discourage hassie and theft: improved safety at tour location Maroon Waterfall by building more steps and railings: conducted health and safety seminars for caterers: she changed her pricing structure, identifying rack and net rates and reducing the price in low season; and she updated her database with contact details for relevant tour operators she wanted to target


Corey Devaux
Corey Devaux SeaSpray Cruises and FlyBoard St Lucia
Corey Devaux had followed the manual maticulously, in particular with the set-up of his new businesses, FlyBoard St Lucia and a Pirate Family Adventure onboard the Black Magic. He created a management systems procedure booklet for FlyBoard, setting out what to do in the event of a fire on the jetski, for example. He also introduced maintenance logbooks to record fuel consumption and repairs. He lowered his pricing, and introduces strategic discounts, 20% off for couples booking the FlyBoard and half-price catamaran trips for the children in the low season. He devised a schedule of operation for the FlyBoard, taking it to a different hotel beach every day of the week to help operators sell it in advance. He also introduced template email responses to ensure a minimum quality of responses, changed the email account from Hotmail to @seasraycruises.com, and invested in branded T-shirts for all staff. He was able to demonstrate increased revenues up to 20% year-on-year in the past four months and said direct business was up 100% year-on-year, which he put down to glowing TripAdvisor reviews.
Dr Lizbeth Navas-Aleman
Dr Lizbeth Navas-Aleman Director and Value Chain Specialist - Navas-Aleman & Co, Ltd
I first worked with Carole when my company was hired by the Inter-American Development Bank to carry out a Value Chain analysis of the situation of Afro-descendants in the tourism sector in Salvador, Bahia (Brazil). I needed a expert in tourism and she is extremely knowledgeable with regard to the practical aspects of setting up tourism projects, linking small destinations to global markets and issues around destination management and branding. Carole is committed to principles of sustainable tourism, ensuring that the financial viability of a destination is as important as issues of poverty alleviation, gender and racial equality for its inhabitants and tourism workers. She becomes a champion for her clients, an international ambassador for the destinations that she advises. Hard-working and trustworthy, she is a reliable colleague with whom I hope my company will have more collaborations in the future.
Dr Rebecca Hawkins
Dr Rebecca Hawkins Founder & Managing Director - responsible hospitality partnership (UK)
Carole is one of the best trainers that we have ever worked with. A natural communicator, she succeeds in making even relatively dull topics positively shiny. Carole delivered resource efficiency training to hoteliers in Morocco as a part of a project that RHP were managing for the Travel Foundation. Over the course of a three hour session, she ensured that each of the participants understood the issues, prepared an action plan and left the room with the necessary tools to reduce resource use in their respective properties.
Martynas Uzkelpis
Martynas Uzkelpis Director - Kultur Consultancy (Lithuania)
Carole contributed to the training of about 40 representatives of hotels, restaurants, tour operators and tourism information centers on Responsible Tourism. Carole worked on the participants’ perception of RT, making the participants realise why and how RT is relevant to Lithuania as a developing tourist destination. This was very helpful since many of the attendees could not bridge the gap between theory and practice. Carole was very inquisitive about the practices of individual businesses, debating their value from a RT standpoint. Most of participants admitted that before the session they associated RT exclusively with “green” issues and they hardly could identify that some practices they were already following could be ascribed to RT. After Carole’s intervention they were able to see there is a business case for applying RT principles in practice. Carole’s involvement via Skype was very helpful. Most participants mentioned this exercise in their evaluation sheets as the most inspiring part of their training sessions.