28 SEP 2015
Carole gives several interviews to the press, including the Lesotho National Television channel on the last day of the workshop. The official closure ceremony sees the Director of the Lesotho Tourism Development Company hand in certificates to each of the participants, after a speech on the importance of gaining ownership of the tourism supply in the country, which is currently in the hands of the South Africans resulting in enormous money leakages. Carole receives a beautifully embroidered blanket as a thank you present from all participants to the training.

28 AUG 2015
Carole flies out to Lesotho to facilitate a 3 week training workshop for a group of 11 small excursion and tour providers. Before the training, Carole will be conducting a short audit of the destination to identify potential for the development of authentic and responsible tourism experiences so that her training can be contextualised and relevant to the learners.

07 AUG 2015
Carole signs a contract with the Lesotho Tourism Development Company to run a 3 week training workshop for small excursion operators in the country. At the end of the training, the participants will be able to: 1) Understand the tourism industry & market trends,  2) Design memorable excursions that can sell,  3) Deal with Health & Safety matters,  4)Learn how to price an excursion correctly,  5) Plan strategically to access markets,  6) Demonstrate excellent Customer Service skills

01 JUL 2015
Carole is flying back to Salvador, Bahia (Brazil) for 4 weeks to complete the research work on the inclusion of poor Afro-descendants in the city’s tourism value chain, and together with two other colleagues, will present a summary of all findings and planned actions to the IADB (Inter-American Development Bank) and SECULT (Secretariat for Culture and Tourism). The final report, due for 31 July, will provide a more exhaustive analysis.

07 MAY 2015
Carole flies out to Salvador, Bahia (Brazil) to carry out the first stage of the IADB project. For 6 weeks Carole will be interviewing female and male Afro-descendant street vendors to find out how much they earn from their activities and what barriers they face to grow their business. She will meeting with various public sector agencies responsible for the preservation of Afro-Brazilian culture to identify ways it should be better promoted and interpreted in a responsible and respectful manner. One of her objectives is to interview successful Black entrepreneurs to hear their life trajectory, which should inform some of the actions she has to draft.

13 APRIL 2015
IADB – The Inter American Development Bank commissions Carole and 3 other consultants, to carry out a tourism value chain analysis in Salvador, Bahia (Brazil). The work will last until August and involves field research to assess how much money trickles down to the Afro-descendant poor. She will be responsible for drafting an action plan to ensure their greater economic participation in the tourism industry.

01&02 APRIL 2015
Carole speaks at STIIM (Saudi Travel & Tourism Investment Market). One of the female entrepreneurs attending the workshop invites her on one of her excursions to the “Edge of the World”; an unforgivable adventure.

10 MARCH 2015
Carole is invited by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Antiquity to give 2 lectures at STIIM (Saudi Travel & Tourism Investment Market) from 01 to 03 April. The first session will focus on “Tourism Product Development Skills for small Guiding and Excursion Businesses”  and the second on the wider subject of “Business Planning Skills for small Tourism Businesses”.

30 JANUARY 2015
The Minister of Tourism and Creative Industry in Haiti decides to extend the length of the training workshop until 28 February and signs a contract directly with Carole Favre, inviting her to continue supporting the guides in setting up their new company “Experience Jacmel”, developing experiential tours and linking to local inbound suppliers.

29 DECEMBER 2014
UNWTO – UNWTO commissions once month worth of workshops to train a small group of residents from Jacmel to learn how to design, price, sell and guide excursions as part of a larger pro-poor tourism initiative in the south of the country.

28 JULY 2014
MTA – Malta Tourism Authorities books 2 workshops for November, targeted at both existing and/or potential small accommodation providers, and small excursion entrepreneurs. They will learn about market access to independent tourists and western tour operators, looking at product quality and design, pricing, H&S, business and management skills as well as customer service.