Helping small tourism entrepreneurs access western markets

An original concept by Carole Favre

Why small matters

I created Small Matters because I constantly meet small entrepreneurs who struggle to make a decent living out of tourism. Every time this happens, I think of my parents, who owned a small shop in rural France and saw their business virtually disappear because they did not understand how to attract new clients and to meet their needs. Through I want to help small businesses grow and understand how western tourists think and tour operators work.


28 SEP 2015
Carole gives several interviews to the press, including the Lesotho National Television channel on the last day of the workshop. The official closure ceremony sees the Director of the Lesotho Tourism Development Company hand in certificates to each of the participants, after a speech on the importance of gaining ownership of the tourism supply in the country, which is currently in the hands of the South Africans resulting in enormous money leakages. Carole receives a beautifully embroidered blanket as a thank you present from all participants to the training.

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